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Zoomer Robot Dog is aimed at any .

In our opinion, Zoomer robot dog has the edge on Teksta, but only just. We really like the iPad interaction with Teksta and the fact he can do a backflip, but the bad reviews put us off slightly. The feature that Zoomer has that we really like is his ability to understand Spanish and he seems to have more character in the way he nips around on his wheels and wags his tail.

Zoomer robot dog is a new voice activated robot dog toy fro A cute robotic Dalmation, the original “Zoomer Pup” was unveiled at the major toy fairs in 2013, and has proved a big hit with children and adults alike. Originally, he was available in black & white only then along came Zoomer in , as part of a and a girl version called .

Great. You're now following zoomer robot dog in your .

Yay! You're now following zoomer robotic dog in your .

Welcome to . Here we will give you a full review of the Zoomer Robot Dog for 2013 to let you know the features, prices and, more importantly, help you decide if this is the right toy for your child for Christmas 2013.

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