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The first known use of zombie labor in the western hemisphere was in Haiti in the early 1800s when they were commonly seen harvesting sugarcane. The Haitian government imposed a ban on their use in the 1960s.

“The language excludes zombies from labor laws,” the insider explained. “That means that zombie laborers are exempt from the minimum wage, workplace safety rules, limitations on hours, the Family Leave Act and other cumbersome Federal regulations.”

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Legislation now wending its way through Congress will help smooth the transition from illegal alien to zombie labor. If signed into law, House of Representatives Bill 8263, The American Protection of Personhood Act, would define a person as “a human being not capable of sustaining life when shot through the heart or other vital organs apart from the brain.”

The ultimate in disturbingly delicious experiments, Doctor Dreadful’s Zombie Lab gives you more terribly tasty treats than ever. Whether brewing bubbly brains or zombie skins, you can eat everything you make. Inject spiders into eye sockets as you dare your friends to consume everything Doctor Dreadful’s Zombie Lab creates. Watch in horror as his jaw rips open and he pukes his brains out. Then wash your fear down with a delicious brain barf beverage. With real puking action this nauseating experience will certainly be one of the tastiest you’ve ever had. Ages 7 and up.