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The latest edition to the lineup is the Zillionaire, a personal-savings machine. It's like a trio of savings jars, each one assigned to a different child or fund, like "new bike," "Xbox game," or "Daddy's rehab."

Zillionz is a toy line that's meant to teach kids how to keep track of their money. like cash registers, digital piggy banks, and electric coin jars, all of which use kids' real money to help them manage their personal finances and save up. It's kind of a cool idea, even if the private plastic ATM is a little weird.

Buy It: You can purchase Zillionz Deluxe ATM Savings Bank

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The Zillionz Junior Real Money ATM is age graded for 4 and up. Younger kids may need help, but this is a great way to help kids start to learn about money and value.

Zillionz Junior Real Money ATM kids' bank from Alex Brands is an electronic piggy bank that looks like a real adult ATM. Insert your "ATM card," enter your PIN, and you're ready to go. To insert coins, drop them in the slot, and the bank registers their values based on the size of the coins. If you want to put bills in the bank, you have to enter the denomination ($1, $5, $10, etc.) and then slide them in.