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Yogourmet Freeze Dried Yogurt Starter, 1 oz. box by YO GOURMET

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Yobaby yogurts have one extra ounce per container than Yoplait Kids yogurt, which sells for less ($1.99 per 4-pack). The packaging is durable and easily packable for on-the-go nutrition, and there is no fear of leaky containers or faulty top seals. For babies, one container is an entire meal, especially if you choose the popular cereal/fruit/yogurt combination that’s made with ingredients like wholesome organic oat bran and flax seed. One drawback to the packaging is that the tear off plastic seal is not reusable. Half-full containers will need an alternative cover for storage.

Yobaby Organic Yogurt, by Stonyfield, is considered the crème de la crème of infant yogurt. When my kids were babies I willingly splurged on Yobaby, which is priced higher than most yogurts and never seems to go on sale. I also remember happily finishing the leftovers. (Yes, we all do it.)

Yobaby Organic Yogurt Product Review…and Giveaway

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Yo Baby Yogurt Question - Mamapedia

Quick question. So far I've only looked at Target and the grocery store. I don't even care if it's even Yo Baby yogurt, but I'd rather give LO the most natural yogurt I can find and that is made with whole milk. Can anyone tell me where to get Yo Baby or if there is any other that is natural and made with whole milk? I couldn't find anything worth buying at the store or Target. There is a BRU by my house though and that's my next place to check.

I didn't think Tesla would like yogurt yet, but we tried anyway! Secretly (or not so secretly) I really wanted to eat some Yo Baby yogurt myself because it's delicious and I wanted an excuse to buy some... :-)