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Y Volution Scooters – Y Glider 3 wheeled scooters for children

Yvolution presents the Y Fliker Flow Series, a new family of revolutionary, patented three-wheeled scooters that will get kids up and active! Riders simply move their hips and legs from side to side (just like downhill skiing) to get going and keep moving using body power for self-propelling fun. (No more kicking the pavement like with two-wheeled scooters!). Y Fliker's reinforced steel tubing, three-wheeled design and enhanced foot grips make it sturdy, stable, and easy to balance. Its light-weight and sleek design, combined with performance-rated wheels, also allows this free-style scooter to perform smooth carving and drifting actions. The quick response hand brake offers kids increased control and ensures a safe ride. Y Fliker also sports anti-vibration hand grips for extra comfort, and can be stored away easily thanks to its twist & stow folding system.

The Y Glider XL is an advanced three-wheeled scooter for kids ages 5 to 9 years old. It features Yvolution's unique patented "Lean to Steer" technology for easy steering, giving the rider total control to carve or cruise. With a reinforced riding deck with built-in grips, two-toned enhanced front wheels and an extra-wide rear wheel, this performance scooter offers a smooth ride and provides an enhanced experience versus traditional two wheel scooters. An adjustable handle bar with rubber grips makes Y Glider XL perfect for riders of varying heights. The easy-stop rear wheel braking system allows kids to both have fun and be safe.

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"At Yvolution, we're all about getting children outside and moving," said , Global CEO of Yvolution. "Kids around the world have been tearing up the pavement with our scooters, and we're excited to partner with Toys"R"Us, to introduce the Y Fliker and Y Glider series to Canadian families."

, /CNW/ - Kids from across the U.S., the UK and worldwide have logged countless hours of fun on their innovative Y Fliker and Y Glider scooters, making them some of the hottest and hardest to find outdoor toys. Now, this international trend in scooting is coming to . , makers of fun, high-quality and safe ride-ons that offer Life through Motion™ at every stage, has teamed up with Toys"R"Us, to introduce these exciting new scooters sure to get kids across up and active. For kids as young as three years old and adults alike, the revolutionary Y Fliker family of patented self-propelling scooters works using body power alone. The Y Glider series of durable, sleek, three-wheeled scooters for pre-schoolers to primary-school-age children feature a patented "lean to steer" method for easy control. The Yvolution range of scooters is now available for purchase exclusively at Toys"R"Us, stores and online at .