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Xbox 360 Media Remote


The new Xbox 360 Media Remote helps you maximize your Xbox experience

Microsoft’s new Xbox 360 Media Remote comes with a range of new features which include media playback controls, and also controls for your TV, and it also features A, B, X, Y buttons as well as D-pad navigation, it will go on sale in November for $19.99.

In late 2011, Microsoft replaced the with a redesigned model called the Xbox 360 Media Remote. The new remote is glossy black rather than matte white, and is designed to more closely resemble Xbox 360 S consoles. The Media Remote is also capable of controlling the power and volume of various TV sets.

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  • To manually program the Xbox 360 remote, point the remote towards the TV and press both TV and okay buttons at the same time. After about two seconds, all of the buttons will light up, so let go of the okay and TV buttons. Then after that only the number keys should be lit up. Now enter in one of the codes you found out of the library of current TV codes. Press the TV button after you are finished to save the code. Make sure to test the code to see if it works, otherwise you will have to try a different code for your brand of TV.
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    The remote control has been ergonomically designed for comfort that comfortably fits in the hand with the buttons being easily accessible. There are a few third party remotes on the market that have rather stiff buttons, however the Futuretronics XBox 360 Universal Remote has clickable buttons that feel sturdy yet easy to push.

    Microsoft has announced two new accessories for its Xbox 360 games console, which include a new Bluetooth wireless headset for the Xbox 360 and a new Xbox 360 media remote.