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Wydowna Spider. Power Ghouls Webarella

Monster High WYDOWNA SPIDER I Love Fashion Doll

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monster high wydownaspider fan art - Pesquisa Google

Wydowna Spider is a unique monsters who does have some similarities with the humans and here is a game in which she has come to you seeking hair spa and facial treatments. She will also need to be dressed up to be given a complete makeover.

Wydowna Spider as Webarella : Wydowna Spider is a humanoid spider. Wydowna is a kind, eager monster who is always ready to help others out, and thanks to her multiple arms, she can easily do several things at the same time. She loves to keep herself busy, and has offered to help out her friends in several projects, such as Ghoulias comics and Clawdeens fashion designs. Exclusive Games

Webarella Wydowna Spider Monster High Comic con 2013

Description: Wydowna Spider is a gorgeous eight armed beauty who loves fashion and always finds creative ways to wear cobweb covered accessories and attire. This fashionista is just a normal Monster High School student by day, rocking the coolest trends like all of the other fashionable girls. But once the school day is over, this very special girl becomes a spooky heroine of the night! This stylish vixen needs your help getting ready for her wild night of fighting crime and solving mysteries in this awesome dress up game for girls. Choose from the wide selection of options and pick out an outfit worthy of her exciting rooftop to rooftop escapades!
How To Play: Use the mouse to interact with the various options.
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Finally, it appears there will be a Wydowna Spider released that is NOT the SDCC version. We mentioned a few months ago that we thought this would be the case. I can’t see them going to the expense of the new mold to not use it again.

The doll is one of a kind collector item, made from brand new Monster High Wydowna Spider doll. You can buy her in my store.

It was one of most challenging projects I’ve ever made! Tons of tiny jewellery were made for this one… but I L O V E her finished look.