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So, I call them... apparently my order is canceled. It turns out they put a pre-authorization on my credit card for the other $300 I had "spent" and that's now being held for them until either 15 days passes or somebody from WWEShop signs off on a form allowing my credit card company to release the hold. So I call them back... this time asking who I have to send this to, to get it signed and I get told basically "No, we won't sign it." So now not only did they screw up my order, but they're willingly holding my money, refusing to show even the slightest effort to fix THEIR ERROR, even knowing that in doing so, I would re-order the items and they would not only get the money for the order, but a much happier customer.

Call to talk to the phone representative and he is clueless to the belts and says sorry you cant engrave belts ? What ? Finally get him to take the name down, and he sends out my order with a blank name tag. Call when I get the order they mail me another name plate. Take the plastic plate off the front and and the wholes are different sizes ? Call to talk to them, need a supervisor but they are not answering the phone after four phone tries. Instead, call a fifth time and wait 30 minutes to be told sorry we screwed up your order and nothing we can do for you in time for Christmas (mine you I ordered back on December 6th) so send it back for a refund. Wow. Way to make me run through hoops for absolutely nothing but a secrewed up order from the beginning. Sad but if you order the same belts from other sites they include a bag to protect the belt for the same price. Way to screw over your fans WWE Shop !"

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    Feeling satisfied we had found a work-around for the mailing label issue, placed another order which was shipped 3 July and as of 17 July has disappeared. DHL HO insist it was mailed to Australia, DHL Aust & Aust Post claim it is still in US and WWE Shop dont answer my emails.

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