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WWE World Championship Belt

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WWE Kids Wrestling HD: WKW Wrestlemania (FULL EVENT)

WWE Kids Wrestling HD: Punisher vs Kidd Nitro (singles match). As Punisher continues on his rampage to go through everyone in the WKW, he must face the No.1 contender for the WKW Title, Kidd Nitro. Can Punisher cheat his way out of this one, or will Kidd Nitro teach him a lesson?

WWE Kids Wrestling Anniversary: Kidd Nitro vs Zap First Upload Anniversary Match. Exactly one year ago we had this same match, so celebrating one year of uploads were recreating this special match. Catch Kidd Nitro vs Zap same old backyard, same superstars, same match type, and same awesome action!

WWE Kids Wrestling Summer HD: Summer Blast 2013! (Full PPV)

WWE kids wrestling summerslam after match

If u didnt see the whole 8 min+ video then u missed the best part! Watch part 2 the finale 37 sec long best part cudnt edit it correctly. ......WWE Kids wrestling using parents bed as ring- Rey Mysterio cries like baby after john cena beats him video Rey Mysterio has an unexpected emotional tearful meltdown when he is beaten in a match to win the world heavyweight championship belt... PLEASE GOTO MY CHANNEL AND WATCH 30 SEC VIDEO AFTER THIS ONE ITS THE BEST PART! I didntknow how to edit it altogether so its in pieces. Wont make sense unless u watch the whole thing!