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The Bridge Direct WWE StackDown Train & Rumble WWE Playset with Rey Mysterio & Sheamus Figures, 219 pieces


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This weeks Toyark Discussion of the Week revolves around the seemingly endless line of wrestling toys? As the popularity for wrestling on TV seems to be on the downward swing, have the toys followed suit? Has the market been over saturated with wrestling toys to the point that fans and kids just don’t care anymore? Or is the wrestling toy market poised for another upswing?

Wrestling toys are regarded to be amongst some of the most popular types of toys, simply because of the fact that they are so intricate and because you can recreate matches with them that you see on TV.

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Goldust Action Figure Basic Series 50 WWE Wrestling Mattel Toys

One of the first and most iconic wrestling toys is without a doubt the all-rubber Wrestling Superstars action figures. Released by LJN, these figures were surprisingly detailed and copied these larger-than-life athletes wonderfully, Macho Man included. However, since they were not jointed in any way, it was hard to play with these figures in the ways you saw them fight on television. You couldn’t exactly make Hulk Hogan do his trademark leg drop nor could Randy Savage drop the elbow from the top rope, but for all you couldn’t do with these figures, they were as tough as nails. You might not be able to put them in a figure four leg lock, but you could throw them against a brick wall over and over without worry. In a way, the toy’s toughness wonderfully mimicked that of the superstars they portrayed.