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World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Lady Sylvanas Windrunner Action Figure by Forti


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10 most favorite World of Warcraft action figures:

#1 Human Warrior: Archilon Shadowheart

#2 Tauren Hunter: Korg Highmountain

#3 Undead Rogue:Skeeve Sorrowblade

#4 Draenei Mage

#5 Human Priestess

#6 Blood Elf Paladin

#7 Lady Vashj

#8 Succubus Demon: Amberlash

#9 Tuskaar: Tavru Akua

#10 Gnoll Warlord: Gangris Riverpaw

This all new World of Warcraft figure is highly detailed and sculpted in extreme action poses. It stands 18 cm tall and comes with accessories in a blister packaging.

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  • Hallow's End Nemesis: The Headless Horseman!
  • Prepare for battle with Premium World of Warcraft figures!
  • Multiple points of articulation!
  • Each figure includes accessories!

world of warcraft action figures series 1-6 (2011) ..

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the upcoming seven-inch line of WORLD OF WARCRAFT action figures from Blizzard Entertainment and features the following mystical characters: Tauren Shaman, Undead Warlock and Jungle Troll Voodoo Priest.

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