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WISH LISTS - Ronald McDonald House Houston

Save shopping time by viewing your family's wish lists and claiming the gifts you’ll get for them. Claimed gifts are marked for everyone except the recipient. No duplicate gifts, and always a secret, unless you tell them ;)

We searched and searched and could not find an online registry that was right for our family’s holiday celebration: something that was easy to use and had all of our wish lists in the same place but still had the flexibility for surprises and allowed accounts for children. So we made our own...

Airbnb Picks - Wish Lists - Airbnb

  • Extremely flexible layout. Use any page on your website to display a user’s wish lists, display individual wish lists, to edit wish lists, or to create new wish lists
  • Collection, Light Box, Watch List, Wish List or Want List. Easily change the terminology
  • Fully localized/translation-ready. Easily translate and use the plugin in your native language
  • Super flexible links. Create your own add to wish list buttons with a simple function call and arguments
  • Easily customize the different pages by copying the templates (5 total) into your child theme’s edd_templates folder
  • Easily customize the CSS and/or fonts by copying into your child theme’s edd_templates folder
  • Easily change the various messages displayed throughout the plugin from 1 simple filter
  • Easily move the icon to the right of the add to wish list text by using 1 simple filter
  • Easily change the size of all add to wish list links (plain or button) by using 1 simple filter, or by creating your own link and passing in a size.

EDD Wish Lists - Easy Digital Downloads

Search public Wish Lists created by friends and family. Enter at least one of the following: first name, last name and/or email address, then click Search Wish Lists.

Is your family spread out across multiple cities? Don't have any easy way to share wish lists with each other? Do you ever wind up double-buying for someone, or receiving the same gift from two different people? Here is the answer! With our purchase tracking feature, now you know you buy a gift if someone else has already bought it. No more returning extra gifts!