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eBay reveals a couple of Wii U deals for Black Friday | Wii U

If we see anymore really good Wii U deals going on for Black Friday in 2015 we will be sure to let you know, so make sure you check back to see if any more amazing Wii U deals are posted.

It appears that Target, Meijer, and goHastings are offering the best deals, with Target likely edging out the other two in terms of the greatness of the deals. There are plenty of people though who will think the Meijer deal is actually better since you get the $30 off coupon for your next order, but if you do not go to Meijer that much then it would be better to go over to Target or goHastings if you have one of those near you. While we are telling you about the top three Wii U deals for 2015 Black Friday, there are definitely more savings and special offers out there at other retail stores, but these are the types of deals you want since they are bundles which means you get video games with them and it is not just the console itself.

Top 3* Black Friday Wii U Bundle Deals - Time 2 Save Workshops

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    I’ve many of you ask me for a Wii U deal and I have had a hard time finding it discounted much. Here’s a round-up of the BEST Wii U deals that I can find currently.

    On this page you will find all of the best Wii U deals on standalone consoles and bundles. The Wii U might be unable to compete with the Xbox One and PS4 in raw power, but it's a console packed with some unique features and good ideas. So if you don't fancy the hardcore gaming experiences of those other two consoles, the fun and light-hearted orientation of the Wii U experience could be for you. And pushed to its potential, who knows what it might yet achieve? There are some strong games in its lineup right now and the deals are better than they've ever been, so here are the best Wii U deals currently available: