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White Built-in Motion Plus Wii Remote + Nunchuck Controller(Wii controller) For Wii (NON-OEM)+ Silicone Case + Wrist Strap (White)

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Nintendo is running a sale on its selection of refurbished Wii Remote Plus and nunchuck bundles.You can purchase a , , or package from the company’s online store for $20. Each one typically costs $30.Nintendo’s site doesn’t say when temporary reduced price ends.

At least these early handheld attempts were fun, though. Some of the other, more direct efforts at getting gamers to move while playing were much more laughable. The is, perhaps, the most notable example of these failed attempts, as its technology was crippled by the fact that it barely worked. Similar devices became a bit of a running joke (no pun intended). They were bought by few and gawked at by many who said “That’ll be the day” when trying to imagine a future in which a similar device actually became popular. (We also all remember the Power Glove, which, in retrospect, might have—but not likely—inspired the Wii Remote and Nunchuck combo.)

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    The players will make use of the analog stick of the Nunchuk controller in order for them to relocate their characters then the Wii Remote Controller will allow the player to execute an action or movement such as wielding a sword or throwing a ball. Since the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers work together and dependent on each other, players can use and hold them freely in whichever hand or position is most comfortable for them.

    As far as we know, is going to be based on the original GameCube version of the game. However, it may be possible that the Wii Remote and Nunchuck will be compatible with the HD version of the game.