Professional White Classical Tutu by Costume Creations U.K.

Dressystar Women's Adult Tulle Tutu Ballet Dance Fluffy Skirt Assorted Colors White

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Newborn - Size 9 Pink and White Tutu Dress

White classical tutus can be chosen for a performance for several reasons. Ballet performances that use a very darkened theater and want to create a dramatic effect will dress the dancers in very white costumes for contrast. The other reason may be to portray purity or to mimic the true color of an animal, such as a swan.

Think of the Firebird ballet. It just wouldn’t be the same if the ballerina wore a white tutu to represent a Firebird. Color speaks to our emotions and that is why ballet costume color choice is such an important part of the performance itself.

Newborn - Size 9 Turquoise, Black, and White Layered Tutu Dress

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Newborn Size 9 Baby Blue and White Tutu Dress by krystalhylton

Just like those tiny crystals of snow reflect back the suns rays and all of their surroundings, white tutus also shine under the stage lights the very same way.

The beaded arm band of my costume, a gloriously embellished white tutu fit for a princess (I was dancing Princess Aurora in Act 3 of The Sleeping Beauty) tore apart as I lifted my arms overhead in what had felt like the perfect execution of a pristine movement. Dozens of tiny, round, clear plastic beads that had been strung on an elastic band around my upper arm scattered, rolling all over the stage.