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The Stroller Wheel Toy from helps baby to develop fine and gross motor skills by turning the wheel and gear lever and by pushing the activity buttons. Lights and sounds stimulate the development of baby’s senses Funny sounds and lights are activated when baby pushes buttons to learn about cause and effect. Role play helps to develop baby’s imagination and language skill.

Super Mario-themed Hot Wheels toys will soon be available in stores across North America. That’s right, Nintendo and Hot Wheels have teamed up to bring us these very cool miniature cars.

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    The Fly Wheels toys don’t use batteries, rather you just pull a ripcord to set them in motion. Can pulling a rip cord really send a flying disc over 3 stories high? Is it possible that a rip cord powered tire could jump over my car? It was time to review the Fly Wheels toys from Jakks Pacific, so we got the camera rolling and headed outside for some testing.

    Some will argue that the engine is the heart of the car. Yeah, well, pull a ripcord on an engine and see if it can jump over a car? No, it is the tire that does all the real work in a car, so why even bother with the rest of the car? This is the exact idea behind the Fly Wheels toy. You can purchase different types of tires, but the idea is always the same, pull a ripcord and watch the tire go up to 200 MPH scale speed.