I still spend time on Walkie Talkies.

Motorola MH230R 23-Mile Range 22-Channel FRS/GMRS Two-Way Radio (Pair)


Two-Way Radio: 2-Way Radios, Walkie Talkie - Best Buy

Anyhow that was all within a week.
Toward the end of that week I found one of these on sale for around $50
This is when It started to be a problem with the parents.. I needed the money
and there were able to come up with every single excuse for not producing it ranging from my messy bedroom to my last report card.
So I got my first book on bank robbery.
No just kidding.
The same radio went on sale for $29.99+tax a few months later
And I just went ballistic on them until I got it.
I’m sure there was some kind of contract for a clean room and what would be
on my next report card, but all I remember is that I got the walkie talkie.
And here it is!

They were sold as “200mW” Walkie Talkies..
I remember thinking I hit the big time they came with an FCC license application in the box be cause these needed you to have a license before
you could transmit on them.
I never filled it out.

Walkie Talkies - Home Electronics - The Home Depot

KENWOOD TK-7102 radio 146 ~ 174 MHZ Walkie talkies

your buddy is just a radio walkie talkie call away

I proceeded to borrow some other various cheapie walkie talkies from friends
Including some Midlands, Lafayettes and a few other no-names.. all of which had similar range issues as well as the wonderful ability to hear CB’ers
equally no matter which of the 40 channels they were talking on but we
couldn’t hear each other 50 FT. away.
I alter on learned this was due to a very low transmit power ~1mW from a single transistor oscillator that was deliberately limited in gain and output
coupling to the antenna, as well as a superhet RX that squealed made all kinds of noise and picked up the entire CB band (no selectivity).

I was also quickly disappointed when reading the spec sheet only to find that
“200mW” was the total power consumption rating of the walkie talkie
including audio amp and TX..
The actual TX power out was “unspecified”.
Made lots of phone calls to Radio Shack trying to get someone to tell me
what the actual output power was.