small wading pool==I LOVE this! I want something like this for us!

Desert Wade Pool Via The Brick House

Intex Kiddie Pool - Kid's Summer Sunset Glow Design - 58" x 13"


Small hot tub/wading pool with fountain.

This product – a 6.0% sodium hypochlorite solution containing approximately 5.7% available chlorine by weight – is a convenient, economical source of chlorine for water treatment in swimming and wading pools. Also, because this product is a liquid with no insoluble particles, it is especially suitable for this use.

When chlorinating wading pools, use 1/8 cup per 100 gallons of new water. Mix required amount of Clorox® Regular-Bleach with 2 gallons of water and scatter over surface of pool. Mix uniformly with pool water. Empty small pools daily. (Clorox® Regular-Bleach will not harm plastic pools.)

Neighborhood wading pool closing schedule:

Name Address Type of Facility Facility Schedule
Clarksville Splash Pad 1811 W. 11th St. Splash pad Schedule
Deep Eddy 401 Deep Eddy Ave. Municipal pool Schedule
Eastwoods Splash Pad 3001 Harris Park Blvd. Splash pad Schedule
Pease Splash Pad 1600 Parkway at Kingsbury Splash pad Schedule
Ramsey 4201 Burnet Rd. Neighborhood pool Schedule
Reed 2600 Pecos St. Neighborhood pool Schedule
Shipe 4400 Ave. G Neighborhood pool Schedule
Shipe Wading 4400 Ave. G Wading pool Schedule
West Austin 1317 W. 10th St. Neighborhood pool Schedule
Westenfield 2000 Enfield Rd. Neighborhood pool Schedule

of wading pools and closing dates.

While the wading pools are great for kids and adults alike, the younger kids really enjoy them. If you or your older kids are looking for something with more depth, we suggest you go to an outdoor water park.

It is July and heat waves are hitting all over the country! Many of us want to cool off in a backyard pool, but we also want to make sure there is no dangerous bacteria lurking in these pools that do not have any filtration system in place. Thankfully, you can use Clorox® Regular-Bleach to treat the water in a children’s wading pool. Below is information about this from the product’s EPA Master Label that should help you determine how much bleach to add for your specific situation. You will need to know the diameter of the kiddie pool in feet, and the depth of water you fill it with in inches.