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Expansion throughout Australia began in 2011, which involved forming a number of partnerships, before the company launched into overseas territories the following year. Vuly Trampolines released the Thunder trampoline in all markets during 2013, which secured them a US distribution contract with retailer, . Competitor filed a complaint in 2013 with the , for alleged patent infringement upon its soft-edge trampolines. The case came to a conclusion in 2015, when an administrative law judge dropped the case, with a finding of no patent violation.

With its products delivered locally in , the company established its headquarters in in 2009, with Andon stating that the move was made to appear more plausible to his clients. In 2010, Trampolines Australia changed its name to Vuly Trampolines, after the Roman God of smithery and fire, to enhance its export efforts to the United States.

For Australian Vuly Trampolines Northern Beaches Sydney.

For a limited time only, save 10% on all Vuly Thunder Trampolines!

In the Vuly Trampolines received the award for Best Mid-Market Innovator, while in November 2015, Australian Prime Minister visited the company's offices and laboratories, just two months after his election. In the same year, Vuly Trampolines also sealed a licensing agreement with . Through the agreement, Spin Master acquired the rights to manufacture, distribute, advertise, promote and sell Vuly Trampolines in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe; the initial presentation of the products in the European market would take place in the .

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