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One common issue that many people have had in regards to their VTech baby phone was song looping, which may be a result of low battery charge. If replacing the batteries does not solve your problem, this guide will still get you started on replacing all the other items inside the device.

The first thing you will need to do before replacing any of the parts in your VTech baby phone, is remove the batteries. For many common issues, simply replacing the batteries will fix the problem.

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If your child is constantly reaching for your phone, now they can have one of their own. At least, it’ll appear to have all of the same color app icons that your real smartphone does, but you won’t have to worry about selling your house or donating body parts if the VTech Baby Phone breaks (because it’s under $15).

This Vtech baby phone is very educational indeed with a facility for you to save your home phone number for the child to listen to and learn. Obviously the child will just hear numbers and not remember the number when they are small but as they get older they will retain this information. The Vtech touch swipe baby phone pink is suitable for kids up to three years old. This is a fabulous toy for developing hand-eye coordination as little ones swipe between the two screens and apps.