Mikasa VBN-2 Competition Volleyball Net


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For over 20 years, Cobra Sports International Inc. has been manufacturing not only the safest portable volleyball net systems on the market but the easiest to set up! Now with 3 official volleyball height settings and settings for two other fun net games - beach tennis (can be played on any surface) and badminton, Cobra is also the most versatile volleyball net system on the market today. Cobra indoor volleyball nets are a true 2 for 1 offer; they come with all the components to set up outdoors as well.

Ceiling mounted volleyball nets have taken the place of old fashioned floor mounted post volleyball systems because they save time in court set up and tear down, because they reduce player injuries and because they reduce theft and damage to volleyball equipment.

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    We carry three volley ball nets to meet your needs. All are official size 3' H X 32' L. Imported, they come with headband, side band and bottom band. (Imported)

    Volleyball can be played in a variety of ways and Sports Unlimited aims to provide you with anything you would need for any of the ways you want to play. Setting up a net in your backyard for fun barbecues and summer games is an easy and inexpensive way to get active, have fun, and do it right in your own yard. Beach volleyball is great when you can head over to the courts with a ball and enjoy an ocean-front view right on the sand. Indoor volleyball is often found in high school gymnasiums where things can get pretty competitive. Indoor volleyball systems require some serious heavy duty equipment compared to your backyard net. Sports Unlimited has a huge variety of both indoor and outdoor volleyball nets and systems for you to choose from to make sure you are getting what works best for you. Visit our to learn about the differences and how to buy a volleyball system.