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Traditional vibrating bouncer seats consist of a durable wire frame covered with a plush seat pad, a soothing unit, and most often a toy bar accessory. The flexibility of the wire frame allows the chair to make soothing bouncing motions and offers a sensation that many babies enjoy, especially when fussiness is otherwise unexplained. The ability to leave a baby in one safe, stimulating place can be very beneficial for parents. Some seats are suitable for feeding as well. Before purchasing a used vibrating bouncer seat, parents should ensure that the safety straps and buckles are intact and in proper working order. An example of a traditional vibrating bouncer is the .

When my son was born, and his vibrating bouncy seat started eating through AA batteries like jelly beans, I bought rechargeable batteries. But I found them kind of a pain. They didn't always charge back up very well, and it took a long time to charge them. Therefore, the battery charger is now in a drawer, and while we still go through AAs like crazy for all those electronic toys, I just buy regular batteries. But if this concept design comes to light, I might just switch back. Continuance is a battery with a USB port right in the side.

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USED: Fisher Price Vibrating Bouncy Seat-Geometric Meadow. In good condition. Vibrations work. Batteries required, NOT included. Cute print. LOCAL PICKUP ONLY - in Boonsboro, MD.

  • Brand = Fisher Price
  • Child Age = Newborn & Up
  • Condition = Visible Wear: USED
  • Electronics = Yes: Tested-Works
  • Power Source = Batteries- NOT Included
  • Availability = In Stock
  • Ships within = Local Pickup Only

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"Make sure you register for a travel crib! That thing saved my life!" "Oh my god, I would have gone crazy with that vibrating bouncy seat. Do you have one on your registry?"

As a new parent, you're probably tempted to buy all the gadgets and equipment to make life a little easier. While some of these items are ideal choices for life with a baby, others might be unsafe or unnecessary. Vibrating bouncer seats are touted as a way to keep your baby content or lull her to sleep while you get things done around the house. Understanding the safety of a vibrating bouncer allows you to use it as safely as possible.