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: May be difficult to learn various folding/wrapping techniques. Blanket needs to be large (hospital blankets are too small to safely/effectively swaddle) and can be challenging to tuck/wrap tightly as baby grows and becomes more active.

Velcro Swaddle Blankets () have a pouch to insert Baby's legs and two "wings" that fold around Baby's arms. The Swaddle stays fixed in place, not with tucking, but with velcro tabs.

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    : May appear challenging to learn compared to Velcro Swaddle. Very long babies may outgrow pouch sooner than they are ready to outgrow the need for swaddling.

    There are always new swaddle products being made. A newer blanket (such as the ) is a hybrid swaddle of sorts. Like the Miracle Blanket, it has four "wings" and like the Velcro swaddle, it uses velcro to secure the blanket. This particular blanket allows Baby's arms to be in a "hands to heart" position vs. placed straight down as well.