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"to clean with a vacuum cleaner," 1922; see (n.). Related: ; .

Last week she went on maternity leave but beforehand she gave her replacement a tour of the house and a brief rundown as to how she organised her week. When she got to the vacuum, she pointed at it, giggled a bit and told me I’d have to give another demonstration. Round 2 went a bit better but I’m sure they both think we’re crazy for lugging around this big, noisy thing when there’s a broom just around the corner.

I watched her that first morning slowly and timidly pushing the vacuum around wondering if she’d ever feel comfortable using it or if it would go back in the cupboard never to be touched again. Each week she pulled it out and after some practise, she was quick and confident.

vacuum vac·u·um (vāk'yōō-əm, -yōōm, -yəm) or (-yōō-ə)

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    A vacuum cleaner can easily be taken for granted. Is it this 'thing' that lurks in the cupboard tobe pressed into service for a quick clean-up, then put away until thenext time? The trouble is that when the ‘next time’ comesyour cleaner may groan and refuse to start. You will probably offerup a mental curse and wonder "What is wrong with this machine?"

    1. Is the bag full? A replacement with a cheapvacuum cleaner bag may be the obvious solution. Or in the case of abag-less cleaner, does the container need emptying?