US129 plastic wall sign from the Dragon.

2015 Topps Update #US129 David Ross Baseball Card

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Embroidered Patch US129 DRAGON (Shield ).

Here’s a milestone Goldman Sachs won’t be celebrating. Amid growing concern about the firm’s second-quarter earnings and a debt default in Greece, shares of the investment bank are trading at their book value, or roughly $US129 a share.

The road itself was not designed with highway safety standards in mind. It literally was carved into the side of the mountain/hill and follows the natural contours of the mountain/hill itself. The mountain and the heavy forest obscures visibility around almost all of the Dragon's hairpin corners. Vehicles are absolutely not allowed to cross over the double yellow there and so people just do not expect to see an oncoming vehicle in their own lane. As transports cannot stay within their own lane while on US129, it is a no-brainer that they should be banned from it.

Embroidered Patch US129 DRAGON (Shield ). available sizes:

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Embroidered Patch US129 DRAGON (Shield ). available sizes:

Analysts all calculate book value a bit differently. But several analysts contacted by The New York Times supplied figures for Goldman at just above or just below $US129 a share. Goldman closed Tuesday at $US129.26, hitting $US128.30 in midday trading. Mr. Bove estimates book value at $US128.32.

When they had a rock slide last year that blocked US129 for a couple months, several business in that area went out of business -- one a large bbq "shack", a local favourite. That's how much the surrounding rural area relies on the tourist traffic there. The hospitality of the locals is heartwarming. The courtesy seen on the single lane road jaw dropping. Their department of transportation or road works just recently added a number of asphalt shoulder areas where people can safely pull off for a moment and allow faster traffic by. This was done purely for the pleasure and safety of tourists on the road.