Note: values are for unaltered trap guns.

The “Thucycides trap” isn’t a death sentence.

Canplas 193202-1 PVC DWV P-Trap with U-Bend, 2-Inch, White

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U Trap | Definition of U Trap by Merriam-Webster

There are also new Villain Stashes which are the same as Treasure Chests, but only Villains can open them. Like Skylanders, Villains are made up of a certain element. You must use a trap of that same element to capture the Villain.

The Zika-carrying mosquitoes were trapped in a touristy 1.5-square-mile area of South Beach identified as a zone of active transmission of the virus, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services said in a news release.

How to Trap a Skunk Trapping Tips and Bait - Wildlife Removal

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The 3DS version of the game is an entirely different game. You cannot use Traptanium to trap villains, and you can open Elemental Gates with any type of Skylander. The Skylander does not have to be a trap master, but it needs to be of a certain element.

When a trap is installed on a fixture that is not routinely used, the eventual of the water in the trap must be considered. In these cases, a may be installed; these are devices that automatically recharge traps with water to maintain their water seals.