Two headed dragons are my favorites.

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The two headed dragon is the third dragon in the game. It can be obtain by mixing two units in the Soul Mixer, Pack Units, winning in a tournament and supply.

well i just wanted to show the basic coloring of the two headed dragon i just started coloring. i wasnt kidding when i said the colors literally split down the middle hahaha

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  • Two Headed Bearded Dragon
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    During the times of King Arthur, the story of an adventurous brave girl, named Kayley, whose father, a Knight of the Round Table, is killed by Sir Ruber, a maniacal brute who steals Excalibur and ultimately threatens to seize King Arthur's Camelot. Kayley enlists the blind, reclusive knight-aspirant Garrett and a goofy two headed dragon to brave the Enchanted Forest and retrieve the magic sword. Their adventure is also, of course, fraught with danger. Written by

    The animation isn't top notch and it's quite obvious in many places. It doesn't mean that the movie looks ugly – it looks OK. I think the movie has too many songs in it. The quality of those songs is uneven – some are good , some are very forgettable. One of the songs was nominated for Oscar.

    The direction could be better. The movie is too mushy , too sentimental for my taste. Characters like Merlin and King Arthur are wasted by the screenplay. The love story between Kayley and Garrett happens too fast and isn't convincing. The humor isn't impressive , despite interesting supporting characters (two headed dragon Devon and Cornwall , the chicken , the griffin). Ruber makes for a good villain. The voice acting is solid.

    The movie is set in times of King Arthur and the knights of the round table and it's too bad that it isn't a really good movie. This universe had so much potential. I give it 4/10.