idea for card - 1 big turtle with party info on it?

lilly pulitzer and turtle themed party. some really cute ideas :)

Turtles (approximately 1.5"-2" long - size varies), 12PK

Too low to display

sewer water teenage mutant ninja turtle party

I love these ideas! With three little boys at home (who love Ninja turtles), I have no doubt that I will be hosting a turtle party in the near future. Thanks for sharing!

For a very simple activity I also had the kids play with these Ninja Turtles Disc Shooters that I found in the party section at with the other Ninja Turtle party supplies.

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    Throwing an under the sea adventure party? Then get all your friends who come a long a token that will remind them to always keep learning! The Ocean Party Personalized Bookmark is a 2x6 inch laminated book mark that features a fun picture of a turtle swimming around along the ocean floor and can…

    One of our Facebook friends, Amber, asked for some cute food ideas for her son’s upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles birthday party. I hadn’t realized that the beloved Ninjas had made a comeback and have lately become popular for the kids!