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The Tripoley game of cards consists of three main stages. The first is based on Hearts, the second is based on Poker and the third is based on Michigan Rummy. In every stage, the players are awarded with rewards and thrills that grow as the game goes on.

Unlike many other Rummy games, which are limited to 4 players at most, onlineTripoley game up to 9 players can participate making the game very social and exciting. Another advantage that the game of Tripoley has is that it is not time limited! It is possible to play an infinite number of rounds, until the players decide to end it. Even when the game does end you can hold another round of Poker to determine who wins the remaining chips.

Tripoley Game - Tripoley - Rummy Royal

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    Used, in very good condition, Cadaco Tripoley card Game.
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    Tripoley is essentially three card games in one: Hearts, Poker and Michigan Rummy. The game requires a 52-card deck with no Jokers. The Tripoley game board that has labeled sections like "Pot," "Kitty" and numerous card values. Chips are placed on those sections while players try to win them through the game.

    Purchase a copy of the Tripoley game. Classic boards are available on eBay, or you can get the 75th anniversary edition of the game directly from Cadaco. Gather enough poker chips, bingo chips, buttons, dried beans or pennies so that each player has at least fifty markers.