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Triassic Triops


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It is not easy to take baby triops pictures as the are very tiny. If you have a landscape setting on your camera try taking your triassic triop photo with that setting as it will focus on the triop behind the tank glass

Hatch these fascinating triops, or "dinosaur shrimp," and watch them swim, eat, and grow to 1-3" long in just 30 days! These crustaceans are advertised as "Triassic Triops" and have eggs that can stay dormant for 25 years, until conditions are right for hatching. Put them in water, and they will hatch within 24 hours and begin to grow rapidly. Triops are entertaining to watch as they swim, use tiny legs on their bellies to carry food to their mouths, and breathe through gills in their feet.

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    Triassic Triops are amazing pets. You get a little tub of eggs which hatch in 24 -72 hours if you follow the enclosed instructions. It’s easy and fun…

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    Triassic Triops products are an award-winning line of educational science kits that feature playful shrimp that look like horseshoe crabs and date back to the Triassic Period in fossil records. Millions of kids have brought these prehistoric monsters -- also known as dinosaur shrimp -- back to life simply by adding water to the eggs of these "living dead" wonders.

    Our Triops are always lab-raised to protect both kids and the environment
    This is the BIG kit and comes complete with easy view aquarium, fossil replica, thermometer, gravel, glow beads, magnifying ruler, and Triops eggs, nutrient, and food, of course
    Make great pets
    Teach about life cycles, marine biology, and more
    For children ages 8+
    ASIN: B000A6QMTM
    Item model number: DLXTRI

    ASIN: B000A6QMTM
    Item model number: DLXTRI