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In Skylanders Trap Team, Kaos continues his ongoing quest to rule over Skylands. He has discovered the location of the legendary Cloudcracker Prison — a fortress built entirely out of the magical substance TraptaniumTM and home to Skylands’ most nefarious baddies. In an attempt to build his own army of foes, Kaos blows up the prison, releasing the most wanted villains and blasting shards of Traptanium to Earth in the form of Traps. Now it’s up to Portal Masters to recapture all of the escaped villains using powerful Traptanium Traps and defeat Kaos before it’s too late! The new adventure delivers a diverse and dynamic story-driven gameplay experience, filled with adventure, combat, puzzles, mini-games, activities, platforming and drop-in/drop-out co-op play — all set within new compelling environments.

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  1. To physically capture, to catch in a trap or traps, or something like a trap.
    to trap foxes
  2. To ensnare; to take by stratagem; to entrap.
  3. To provide with a trap.
    to trap a drain;  to trap a sewer pipe
  4. (intransitive) To set traps for game; to make a business of trapping game; as, to trap for beaver.
  5. (intransitive) To leave suddenly, to flee.
  6. (US, slang, informal, African American Vernacular) (slang) (intransitive) To sell narcotics, especially in a public area.
  7. (computing, intransitive) To capture (e.g. an err) in order to handle or process it.

Trap | Definition of Trap by Merriam-Webster