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Transformers Age of Extinction Generations Deluxe Class Bumblebee Figure


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Robot Replicas are deluxe-sized, non-transformable action figures; many of which are more movie-accurate than their transforming counterparts.

Power Bots/Mega Power Bots are large, non-transforming figures for younger children, featuring electronic lights and sound effects. This line replaces the 2007 Cyber Stompin' toy line.

TFsource - Your Source for Japanese Transformers Figures!

Funko Transformers Vinyl Figures

Transformers Action Figures Catalog - DASH Action Figures

Robot Heroes are non-poseable, non-transforming figurines depicting the robots in a more child-friendly design. Each package is sold in pairs.

Patrick Boivin brings a kid's set of Transformers action figures battle to life by using some really impressive CG. It's pretty much the perfect depiction of what's going on in a five-year-olds mind.