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Transformers are also used extensively in to decrease (or step-down) the supply voltage to a level suitable for the low voltage circuits they contain. The transformer also electrically isolates the end user from contact with the supply voltage.

Transformers are used to increase (or step-up) voltage before transmitting electrical energy over long distances through . Wires have which loses energy through joule heating at a rate corresponding to square of the current. By transforming power to a higher voltage transformers enable economical transmission of power and distribution. Consequently, transformers have shaped the , permitting generation to be located remotely from points of . All but a tiny fraction of the world's electrical power has passed through a series of transformers by the time it reaches the consumer.

The cars of Transformers 4 (Michael Bay Dot Com)

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Various specific electrical application designs require a variety of . Although they all share the basic characteristic transformer principles, they are customize in construction or electrical properties for certain installation requirements or circuit conditions.

Larger transformers are provided with high-voltage insulated made of polymers or porcelain. A large bushing can be a complex structure since it must provide careful control of the without letting the transformer leak oil.