Training lightsabers were also used by the on the .

Anakin Skywalker Lightsaber from Star Wars Episode II

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training lightsaber with a Synthetic lightsaber crystal

I read that Lightsabers cannot be Sundered, does this count for Training Lightsabers?
-My reasoning here is that a character (maybe keeping hold of the only thing he fled training with before Order 66) has a Training Lightsaber. Could he use it without being Sundered against another Force-User wielding a lightsaber?

I'm looking at potentially using a Training Lightsaber as a bit of a hook to introduce the weapons to a game of starter level characters and had a few questions about them I couldn't get an answer for from the book (or knowing me, I just missed them):

Training lightsaber - Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki

JEDI TRAINING LIGHTSABER | Star Wars: Lightsabers | Pinterest

Story-wise, and game mechanic wise to keep the party from being too powerful to begin with (and all equipped with rare weapons from the get-go), I figured one or two could have or find training lightsabers and then upgrade their crystals.

By the (errated) RAW, a training lightsaber is in the lightsabers section, so it counts as Lightsaber despite any other qualities it may possess. So technically all of these things are correct. (By the way, Sunder isn't automatic so they could potentially hold the guy off with their thumb. Or a tin cup.) They don't even have to start with it, since the emitter itself is not restricted. A player might even be able to craft one with an appropriate check. Anyway, narratively, the whole point of the training saber is to provide the wielder experience with sabers without the risks involved with a normal one.