Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Track Master Thomas & Percy's Railway Race Set


The track was easy to assemble and fits with other trackmaster sets.

O has some of the Take n Play sets for Thomas but none of the Trackmaster sets. It sounds a bit like a cross between the take n play sets and traditional wooden/Brio style sets. Unfortunately, he’s lost interest in trains now he’s getting older but keeping them for his little brother!

As many of you know, Sebastian is Thomas mad and we cannot wait until his birthday as we will be giving him all Kian’s old TrackMaster sets to play with.

trackmaster track sets : Target

  • Compatiable with other Trackmaster Train Sets and motorized toy trains
  • Find trackmaster track sets at Target.

    Overall I highly recommend this set as well as other Thomas Trackmaster sets! They are engaging and educational which during these days of advanced technology that is a big bonus! Instead of setting it up for your kids let them do it themselves with minimal help from you. Let them figure it out!

    When the boys unboxed the item they were all smiles. Next thing I know everything was on the floor and the boys were at it! The one thing I've always enjoyed about these Trackmaster sets is that its all about working with your hands and minds. It engages the child's mind and makes them think of ways to build the tracks. This set does come with instructions which my kids seemed to have no issue with. They had built the set in 5-10 minutes. After that they were amazed by the functionality of the set. There are a lot of moving parts to it and a couple surprises that they absolutely loved!