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Interviewer: What qualities do you look for in an applicant?
Toys R Us Hiring Manager: I’m going to first look for personality. Then, I’m going to look for the availability of their schedule. For that type of business, you need to make sure they have an open availability because it changes with the season, and it changes with the day-to-day. That’s what I’m going to look for first. Not being the actual manager who had the final say, I only got to put a little bit of input.

Managerial job seekers frequently go through multiple rounds of phone and panel interviews instead of the Toys R Us group interview to begin the process. Prospective managers typically respond to more open-ended interview questions focusing on the skills required to lead a successful toy store. Toys R Us interviewers often ask questions like, "What was the most challenging issue you faced in your career and how did you overcome it?" and "Can you describe a time when you had to juggle competing priorities?" to see how effectively aspiring managers deal with problems and multitask. Toys R Us hiring managers also commonly inquire about the techniques interviewees use to develop, discipline, motivate, and generally lead subordinate employees. The Toys R Us hiring process for managers often includes at least three rounds of interviews.

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Interviewer: What should an applicant do to prepare for an interview?
Toys R Us Hiring Manager: Be familiar with the company. Know their product, know what they’re selling, know just how to walk into the store on a regular day and see what it’s like. Make sure you’ve been there before, so you can almost anticipate some of the questions they’re going to ask you.

Toys R Us group interviews typically screen between two and ten candidates at a time and often take a couple hours to complete. Interviewees normally start the session by making introductions to the rest of the group and describing personal employment histories. Toys R Us hiring managers may also ask applicants to reveal favorite childhood toys or movies. The rest of the group interview consists of interactive teambuilding exercises designed to test the interpersonal and sales skills of job seekers. Candidates frequently have to work together to construct a toy out of building blocks and give a presentation of the finished creation. Interviewees also regularly select a toy from the store and pretend to sell the item to a fellow applicant. Immediately after the group session, candidates meet with the Toys R Us hiring manager individually for an additional, one-on-one interview.