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Plastic versions of Hamm from Toy Story as an action figure or collectible also double as good old-fashioned piggy banks. US toy giant Mattel, licensed by Disney, have released different Toy Story pigs with each new Toy Story sequel.

A great soft toy pig version is the Toy Story 8 inch plush Hamm the Pig. This adorable pig toy has four little trotters, a curly tail and even Hamm’s expression. This pig soft toy is also found in mini Beannie Baby, 5 inch and 12 inch versions.

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Veldjesgraaf testified in front of a packed courthouse Wednesday. In attendance were about 50 people, two identical tiny therapy dogs and a toy pig that oinked when it was squeezed.

The toy pig is handcrafted from red-and-white spotted cotton. The fact that it is homemade speaks to the imposition of restrictions during wartime, and the efforts of organisations like the Red Cross to provide support for Australian war brides