Silver Rainbow Wooden Toy Dagger

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Toy Daggers is an indie pop/punk band from Toronto, Canada

Your gothic temptress costume will need her toy dagger just as much as the Pirate needs his toy dagger shank. We have a large selection of of toy weapons to choose from including skull daggers, battle kata, Ghost knife, she-devil dagger, bloody blades and ninja action blade. Find the close combat weapon props needed to finish your Halloween costume. Find hunting knives for your Indian Costumes, belt with blades for your V for Vendetta costume, a gothic belt with dagger for Elvira and the crooked dagger toy for your Evil Queen. We carry a large selection of dagger and knife toy weapons for all your costume accessory needs!

Hand crafted to resemble the Renaissance Era Main Gauche Fencing Dagger. One piece 1/2" thick wood toy dagger. Approximately 14.5" in total length with a 8.25" blade. The guard is the "S" design guard with rounded pommel.

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My daughter wanted to play sword fighting with her little brother, so I designed this toy dagger they could use. Handle, guard, and blade were designed as separate pieces and glued together so they could be different colors.

Learn how to easily make a toy dagger from wood.
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