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Daron MTA 11" Bus


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When shopping kids bus toys, you may find too many toys buses which are mainly made from alloy, plastic, sheet iron and so on. However, have you seen wooden bus toys showed in the following list, which are made from environmentally friendly wood so that it is safe for kids to play. On the other hands, as for bus toys model fans, these wooden toys bus can completely be considered as the work of art because they are so unique, so delicate and so unusual. Are you fascinated with these wooden toys bus? In short, it is worth getting such wooden artware.

Toy buses are a niche of toy cars and are particularly sought after by collectors. Vintage Greyhound toy buses are commonly offered by some auction houses, particularly in the United States. Prices can vary significantly, but as a general rule, vintage Greyhound toy buses sell between $50 and $200. However, the most valuable examples have sold for $4,000 in the past.

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Product namealloy metal die cast auto toy buses
Coloras picture
Stylegifts or promotion product
PackingPolybag, carton or anyway you like it.
Materialalloy,ABS,GP and PVC

Toy Buses For Kids Yellow Kids City Bus Toy

There’s probably not many more mundane vehicles on Britain’s roads than buses or coaches, but for some people an interest in toy buses in childhood can develop into an interest that lasts for life. There’s no more iconic bus than London Transport’s bright red Routemaster, and although it has been superseded in real life by more modern versions, it has been reproduced the world over in wooden, plastic and metal toy versions.

Over the years, Greyhound toy buses have been made from a number of materials, including plastic, aluminium, pressed steel, lithographed tin and even a few in cast iron.