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This is the first of those crowd-funded blasters that I’ve actually wanted to sit down and do a review. The AppTag was successful, but it doesn’t shoot anything, so I didn’t want to do a review for our blog. We really want to keep our blog to projectile-launching toy blasters (you can check out our non-Nerf reviews at ).

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    While NERF is often the name most synonymous with foam dart blasters and water blasters, there are several different types of blaster toys that girls, boys, and young children may enjoy playing with, both inside or outside the home. While some older children and even adults enjoy playing against peers and may even participate in more organized games and activities at parties, some children will enjoy playing with them by themselves perfecting their accuracy during target practice. Each type of toy blaster has unique features that will allow children to choose and personalize their blaster collection based on performance, color, type of ammunition, size, and distance. Blasters are quite popular amongst children in the tween (pre-teen) and teenage years. Certainly be sure to exercise supervision and provide eye protection when allowing your children to utilize these types of toys. Set up clear rules regarding not aiming directly at a person's face, create safe "no fly" zones, and any other house rules.