Surly tow yard workers!!!!!!!!!

Yard Tuff YTF-42STQA Quick Assembly Lawn Sweeper, 42"

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Tow Yard Brewing Taps Central Indiana for Northwest-style Craft Beer

If your father doesn't have a driver's license, military id, Passport or state id then the way he can get his vehicle out of any impound in Texas is by transferring the car to you (direct relative, wife/son/daughter/etc.) using a VSF011 Removal of Vehicle Form that the tow yard should have given to him

Then YOU will have to present at the tow yard with a VALID passport. driver's license, state id or military id to show the mobile notary along with your father. The tow yard charges $21 per day in storage so we can do this for you RIGHT NOW TONIGHT.

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A few weeks ago, Mike, from , and I spent an entire day stalking in and around the Malibu area. But before actually heading west to the ‘Bu, Mike made a little surprise pit stop in Alhambra so that the two of us could stalk the towing yard that appeared in fave comedy Liar Liar. Mike had actually told me about the yard, which is called Henry’s Towing in real life, the first time we met and even though I had long been dying to stalk the place, for whatever reason, I had yet to do so. So, I was BEYOND elated when he pulled up to the yard a few weeks ago and told me what it was. Mike found this location thanks to the fact that he grew up in the Alhambra area, not too far from Henry’s, and had driven by the place countless times during his youth. So when he saw Liar Liar for the first time back in 1997, he recognized the yard immediately. Yay! Thank you, Mike!

Unfortunately, though, thanks to a large fence which now surrounds the property, the majority of the towing yard is not visible from the street.