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Eclipse Eclipse Touch Pro Cobalt 4gb 2.4" Touch Pro Mp3 + Video Player (cobalt)


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Just like mobile telephones, touch screen MP3 players will probable start taking up sales as the most popular and most desirable devices. Touch screen knowledge is anticipated to go beyond more than everything of mobile telephones and MP3 players.

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  • Coby 8GB Touch Screen MP3 Player
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    A long time ago, the majority touch screen technology was confined to Star Trek episodes; it had been hardly ever accessible in the actual world. Nowadays, touch screen technology is ubiquitous; touch screen mp3 players are the approaching item, present a lot of advantages over previous products with small knobs with buttons.

    Even though this player is pricey, I felt it was important to include in this list of cheap touchscreen mp3 players. For at least $100 less than the bigger brand names you get a lot of good features including: video outputs to connect the player to a TV; it supports a lot of the popular music and video formats (without conversion); you get 25 hours of music playback; and you receive premium earphones that are worth about $40. Most importantly, the X-Fi2 restores audio to achieve better sound and clarity than other players.