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Now that you’ve read through a comprehensive list of top toys for Christmas, then you simply have to take your pic and start shopping. What’s great about this list is that, it does not only feature modern toys, it also has toys for younger children, toys for learning, and toys for pure fun and enjoyment. It will definitely be a happy Christmas morning for kids you’re going to give these toys to.

The typical toy drone uses a camera to send video information to a tablet or smartphone which the child uses to control the flying device. Navigating one of these mini planes (or helicopters) feeds the child’s innate desire for discovery, exploration and self-mastery. An RC flying toy is an excellent, fun tool for developing a child’s fine-motor control and hand-eye coordination. Parents can also take the controls and fly the plane, having a blast while pretending not to. are sure to be among the top Xmas toys for 2016. Watch for safety instructions and proper age requirements.

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    The first thing you come across on this website is the navigation bar that lists the top toys for boys and girls in separate categories. In addition to the top toys list for boys and girls, there is also an additional list for the top toys combining the boys and girls lists.

    You will also find various articles listing the top Christmas toys by various retailers such as Target Christmas toy list 2014, Walmart holiday top toys for 2014, Argos Christmas toy list for 2014 and Toys “R” Us Christmas toys 2014. These articles detail the toys that have been listed by these retailers as the top-selling toys this Christmas.