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I spent a lot of time rating the best baby monitors of 2015. I recently bought one for my nephew’s nursery. I started out by studying the results of a field test conducted by an independent lab. Each of the top rated baby monitors were examined for range, battery life, ease of use and potential for frequency interference. I also factored in my own independent research. I compiled these reviews to make my own list of the top 5 baby monitors of 2015. Please understand that a great deal of time and effort went into making sure this buyers guide was the best resource on the internet. You have enough to worry about during your pregnancy. I hope this video makes life a little bit easier for parents and babies around the world.

Welcome to baby monitor reviews. Here you will find a complete and comprehensive collection of the most top rated baby monitors. We strive to provide you with the latest and most popular Baby Monitors on the market. We have compiled a list of the best baby monitors from the 13 primary brands in North America. Think of this site as an “Exposition” of the best rated baby monitors available today. You will find our collection of baby monitor reviews helpful to enable you to choose the right monitor.

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    In my buying guide, you will learn that the 3 most important features of a top rated baby monitor are range, interference and battery life. The potential for interference will usually play the biggest role in reviewing how well a monitor performs. Range (signal strength) and battery life are two other important considerations you need to make. How far away is the room where your child will be sleeping? Some parents are always within 25-50 feet of their baby. If you have a big home or like to spend time in your yard then you may require a higher range. Choosing the best baby monitor will depend upon your personal safety requirements.

    Not only does Philips have one of the top rated video baby monitors, they also come out on top with their Avent DECT audio monitor. With a price point below video monitors and above competing audio monitors, you really are getting a monitor that bridges the gap between the two as far as features are concerned. The DECT monitor delivers clear sound, temperature control, a baby night light and lullabies for your child.