Factors that lowered the rating for The Tool Workshop include:

Black And Decker Junior Power Tool Workshop (Closed Box)


Expanding Expression Tool Workshop - IIDC

One (at 100%) with either one (at 50%) or one (at 100%) produce enough material to supply one . This in turn supplies two Tools Workshops. Because of the shared resource, Iron, Tool Workshops can be alternated with , relieving the need to duplicate the resourcing infrastructure.

The Tools Workshop produces , the essential building block of any modern civilization in Anno 2070. It is used in nearly every construction project besides Worker housing, and is the only Tier 1 product that cannot be produced until your workers have advanced to Tier 2 production.

4 in 1 cool tool workshop | eBay

Tools Workshop

Construction Cost 500 · 2 · 3
Maintenance Cost -4 ·   -10 · -3
Size 4x4
Hitpoints 1000
Produces from
Unlock 1 Tycoon / Eco Employee

Rotary Tool Workshop | Grizzly Industrial

The registration fee for this workshop is $100. All registrations are processed online by Indiana University (IU) Conferences. You may pay with a credit card or purchase order. You will be provided with a list of all four Expanding Expression Tool Workshops that we are offering, and you must select the specific workshop you wish to attend from the list. Space is limited to 300 participants.

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