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I bought my son a few packs of the Tonka Chuck and Friends 4 Pack Vehicles for Christmas. I found them at for $5.99 which I thought was a pretty good price for them. He already had some of these cars so they went great with the ones he already had.

Tonka Chuck and Friends Vehicles

There were 5 different vehicle packs that I saw and they all come with 4 cars. This one included a yellow race car with red stripes, a red and yellow utility truck, a blue cement truck with yellow mixer, and a red and white fire truck. What I like about these cars is that they are die-cast cars. They do have some plastic parts on them that actually move which my son thinks is really cool! The cement truck's mixer moves, and the fire truck's ladder moves. They are kind of chunky and they measure about 2 inches in length. I think they are the perfect size and are made for kids 3 years and older.

My son has been playing with cars and since he was about 2 ½ years old (now 4 years old) but if you aren't comfortable with your child playing with those kinds of cars, then these are perfect. Even though our son plays with cars and he still Chuck and Friends. The details on the cars are really cute with the faces on each car and the fire truck and the utility truck even where hardhats (not removable). My son had a bunch of which were soft plastic cars when he was a lot younger and these are a step up. The wheels on the vehicles are bigger than or cars and they roll great along carpet floors. My son can even push them and they roll a little when he lets go. This works a little better than most his other cars that he has. I think this is due to the bigger wheels.

Final Thoughts

These vehicles are very durable which is always a good thing when it comes to little boys. Even though these are die-cast vehicles, there aren't any sharp points on them. We have never had a problem with any of the wheels coming off or any of the movable plastic parts. They are painted with pretty good paint because ever since Christmas, these have become my son's favorite cars to play with and they have been banged around quite a bit and there aren't any places where the paint has chipped.

Overall, I think the Tonka Chuck and Friends Die-Cast Vehicles are really cute and great for any toddler. I really don't see much of a problem with and older 2 year old playing with them even though they are for ages 3 and up. They don't have sharp edges and are very durable. Chuck and Friends are better than any other cars in my son's opinion!

The Tonka Chuck And Friends Stunt Park is great for toddlers and older kids alike, since it has bigger pieces, no sharp edges and fun for both age groups. Plus there is minimal need to ‘run’ the stunt park, so the wee ones love that they can play with it too.

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    Just when you think there's nothing new in the toy world, along comes something like Tonka Chuck and Friends playsets. The motorized vehicles have wheels that mesh with the tracks on the playsets, enabling them to do various stunts. Chuck's Stunt Park allows Chuck to do flips and hang from two wheels on the stunt track. It's quite an ingenious concept.