Old farm bench repurposed as a toddler counter stool.

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Your kids will start being independent when you get them this Toddler Step Stool at Amazon today. This is the boost that they need to reach high places. Amazon is currently dropping the price on these stepper!

Scarlett’s a petite little thing, plus she , which means that when she first began needing to wash her hands “by mah seff,” she couldn’t even reach the sink with your basic toddler stool. So for about two years, we had this lovely folding apparatus in front of the sinks in both our guest bathroom and the kids’ bathroom.

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Jungle Personalized Large Flip Stool in White Color - Made in USA
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Personalizable Multi-Use Vanilla Toddler Step Stool
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Sports Personalized Large Wooden Flip Stool in Natural Color
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It’s been fun to watch my younger two reach this toddler milestone as well. Now we have several step stools around the house. My favorite is in an upstairs bathroom; it has a decidedly vintage feel. No matter the style, step stools are great because they give toddlers a sense of independence and autonomy when there are so many things that they’re still unable to do on their own.