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Mommy Confession: I Let My Toddler Wear Make-Up

So yea, I let my toddler wear make-up. Eyes, cheeks, lips… the whole thing. And while I can think of a million reasons to feel guilty about it, I still do it. My daughter is intelligent and strong, she has interests outside of pretty, pretty princesses, so if she wants to dress up with her mom and throw on some eye shadow, I just let her have some fun.

If your wee one is fascinated by your daily makeup routine, she may want to put her face on, too, just like Mommy. And compared to her plain old fingers and toenails, your pretty polished ones look positively dazzling. No wonder she’s clamoring for her own colorful cosmetics. But is it safe to paint that little face and have a toddler makeup session? And are manicures for kids really harmless? Here’s the deal:

Mommy Confession: I Let My Toddler Wear Make-Up - Mommyish

  • Check the ingredients. See a lot of words you can’t pronounce? Those tongue twisters are probably the chemicals most likely to set off a skin condition. When applying toddler makeup, choose products with just a few (preferably natural or organic) ingredients or products designed with sensitive skin in mind, like less-irritating mineral makeup and cosmetics just for kids.
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