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11 PC Kids Toddler Toy Drum Set with Stool

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11 PC Kids Toddler Toy Drum Set with Stool | Groupon

If your child has expressed an interest in the drums, but is still too young to study formally (under 5 or 6), you might consider purchasing a toddler drum set. A basic toddler drum set can be found starting at under $100 and typically consists of a kick drum with pedal, snare, tom-tom, a cymbal, and drum sticks.

There are many different ways to get your child started on a lifetime of musical enjoyment playing the drums. From a toddler drum set to practice pads to the latest silent (or low volume) electronic drum kit, you can encourage your child’s interest until he or she is ready to begin formal study. Let’s examine the best ways to encourage your child and a few options for getting him or her started!

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  • DeRosa Bridgecraft Toddler 3 piece Toy/Mini Drum Set 3-8 yrs. Our Price: $129.95 Stock Number: BC-DRM316 Brand: DeRosa-Bridgecraft Model: DRM316 Add To Cart »
    This DeRosa-Bridgecraft toddler drum set is perfect for kids 3 to 8 year olds. And it’s durable quality will hold up to your child’s playing. With real birch wood shells, fully tunable top and bottom heads and black plated real […]
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    At this stage, it’s probably time to retire the toddler drum set and invest in some practice pads. Your child’s teacher will most likely begin working with him or her on proper technique, how to hold the sticks and strike the drum, basic rhythms, and so on. Encourage your child to practice and prepare for each lesson.

    A wooden toddler drum set not only stimulates hand-eye coordination and improves concentrationskills, but it also helps a child to release stress. Children are able to pretend to be a musician and perform ontheir very own instrument. This activity can boost a kid’s confidence level and rouse his imagination. A toddlerdrum is designed for toddler-sized hands, meaning your little one can make music with ease. Other drums include adrumstick with a rubber head intended to soften the sound it produces.