Timex Alarm Clock with 0.7” Red Display

Timex T121B Alarm Clock with 0.7-Inch Red Display (Black)


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This is a Timex digital alarm clock. It takes 3 AA batteries. There is a button to activate the backlighting. It is in perfect working order. These sell for $29.99 at London Drugs - see link below.

Plug in the Timex alarm clock. Remove the battery door and add one or more batteries for continuous use of the alarm clock during a power outage. Position the display so it can be seen from the bed or where you expect to be when the alarm sounds.

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You can quickly set a Timex alarm to go off on time to keep you on schedule. Timex makes a wide variety of alarm clocks styles with varied features. Most Timex alarm clocks have large digital displays so they are easily read from a distance. Snooze features on many Timex alarm clocks allow the user to extend the alarm for a few extra minutes of sleep. Feel confident that you will wake up on time once a Timex alarm clock is correctly set.

This Timex T205W Color Radio Changing Alarm Clock with Sleeping Beats is an extremely special unit. This kind of Timex alarm clock really transforms colors. They show the right time and radio stations at the screen. The thing that makes it unique is it permits people to get up with music from radio, a clock buzzer or nature noises. It seems fantastic, comes with a many alarm clock functions, and they highly affordable since it will cost you just twenty five dollar. Hopefully these tips have been useful for people that searching for a top quality Timex alarm clocks.